From Ian R Jarvis - Wolves 5G Action Group

Below is a draft letter from me that I am sending to my Council, MP and many others. I invite you to send the same letter from yourself.
Please do not make any edits to the main text. It is important to
KEEP THE FOCUS ON THOSE TWO CRUCIAL ARGUMENTS AND NOTHING ELSE. It has to be kept precise so that it makes an impact throughout the country with the same arguments.
Only then will anyone in a Council or Government do anything.
First of all make a copy so you can send the original including these directions to a host of your own contacts:
Then to send the letter yourself;
  • Put your own personal contact details at the head of the page, with your address on the right,
  • Add the receiver's address details on the left,
  • Add the date on the right
  • Add a salutation of your choice, "Dear ???"
  • Change my name into yours
  • Print your final one-page letter and send it by first class mail or recorded delivery.
    • you can also send to others, eg copy recipients, via email
Suggestions for sending:
  • your Ward Councillors (can be found on your Council website)
  • Council Leader and Cabinet Cllr members
  • Council CEO (if there is one)
  • Elected Mayor if you have one (most don't)
  • Your MP (can be found here )
  • Local newspapers and journalists
  • your political party (if you belong)
  • Council legal department
I will be adding this template to our website at

and adding follow-up letters which you can use to check what action has been taken. I suggest a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 28 days before sending a follow-up.

Template Letter

## Street Name
Town Name
Post Code


Post Code

Dear ???

After some research, I am aware that there may be serious errors or even possible fraudulent material in telecoms planning applications across the UK. These issues may go back several years. This letter is an honourable sharing of information and knowledge in the public interest.

General Permitted Development Rights
To apply for a telecoms application to be determined under Prior Approval (GPDO), a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) must be licensed by Ofcom. This requires that the Applicant MNO is listed on the Ofcom "
Register of persons with powers under the Electronic Communications Code".
None of the companies below is named on the current Register (4 September 2023) and all have been named as Applicant or Operator or in the ICNIRP self-certificate (see below).

  • Cignal Infrastructure (UK) Limited; or Cignal Infrastructure Limited UK
  • CK Hutchison (UK) Ltd
  • Three UK Ltd
  • 3 UK Ltd
  • H3G Ltd
  • H3G LTE

Declaration of ICNIRP Compliance
In addition to that requirement, all operating telecoms masts must comply with emissions guidelines from the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). For that, a MNO must make a self-certificated declaration of compliance (see NPPF 10/117).
As a public safety measure, due diligence by the LPA should ensure that each one is valid. In other words the MNO operator must be on the above mentioned Register
and on Companies House shown as being "Active".
The declarations (ICNIRP self-certificate) included with many applications are made by companies that do not exist, for example:
  • "Three UK limited" was dissolved compulsorily by Companies House in 2015.
  • "H3G Limited" was voluntarily dissolved in 2014.
Thus far my analysis is only partial, you are invited to continue the research to other companies.

Clearly masts must have a valid ICNIRP certificate and can be operated only by Ofcom registered companies throughout their life.

Steps must be taken immediately by LPAs to identify all non-compliant masts, deactivate and remove them.

Yours faithfully

Your Name